Professional Accomplishments

Kata Stier

Imagine a woman in her 40’s working for a crypto payment provider start-up, half of the time thinking about the hell she is doing there—buzzwords like BTC, ETH, Gas in the air, and trying to understand the job.

Well, yes, the woman is me, and it was the beginning of 2018. I found this opportunity, but it was more like the opportunity had seen me. Working for a start-up is terrific, especially if you are as lucky as possible to witness a new industry to born and make history together.

Although I was completely new to the blockchain, virtual currencies, and wallets, I was diving in with gratitude to absorb all the latest information. I guess I spent the first six months studying (and still going strong on that). What is Blockchain? What are cryptocurrencies? What to do with a QR code? How to pay with Bitcoin?

I found it extremely interesting and went deeper…..conferences, courses, books. Then I discovered a fascinating fact. Out of 4000 users of my Company’s clients, roughly 3950 are men. And this was the trigger for me to start up with the idea to find a way to inform, educating, and entertaining all those women who are missing this rather hugely important point.

Since then, I developed a general interest in technology, including Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things. During the past year, I spent most of my time researching these areas and learning as much as possible.

I intend to build up a community where ordinary women - just like me - discussing hot topics, educating and helping each other, and eventually having fun getting to know the new technology that serves all of us, equally women and men.

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