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Life-changing technological developments in 2021

From masks to webcams, from home cinemas to corporate retreats, the palette is extensive. And believe me, it is life-changing!

No one thought one year ago that a pandemic would ruin our everyday life. And not that it will all bring about so much change. Digital transformation, for example, has been switched to hyperspeed.

It looks like 2021 will continue to be about fighting the epidemic. And technological innovations are broadly targeting our personal and professional lives to make us feel more comfortable, as they are called, with our ‘new normal’. Life-changing experiences are ahead of us!

Technology will try to help with this, from high-tech masks to hybrid working methods.

Masks, webcams, and cleaners

High tech masks with built-in Bluetooth and microphone are now available. LG is revolutionizing personal clean air with the puricare ™ wearable air purifier.
Or how about a UV LED mask? With air quality sensor and contact tracker. How does it sound?

A home-security technology company called SimpliSafe has created a social distancing sweater that gives an alarm when someone gets within 6 feet of you. The prototype sold out immediately.

I think we all agree that improving the quality of Laptop cameras is inevitable. It would be timely to replace low-resolution cameras with good quality webcams.

Samsung has already announced that the new Galaxy smartphones will have an even better quality camera in 2021 and video calls will also work in better quality.

UV sanitizers for cleaning our phones and other gadgets should not be missing from our bag and car. There will be no shortage of this either.

Innovation in Computing

Lenovo, Acer and Microsoft have also begun releasing Windows or Chrome OS laptops with chips from Qualcomm, whose processors run the most popular Android phones. That, too, will accelerate over the next year, with almost every major Windows PC maker working on Qualcomm on laptops, and some models even winning 5G, said Cristiano Amon, president of Qualcomm.

Apple plans to migrate its entire Mac series to its own processors by 2022. It will also likely release a long-awaited new iMac. Amazon and Microsoft are expected to prefer their own unique chips in everything from laptops to servers to portable devices.

Quantum computing is also on the horizon. Late last year, I myself attended an online event hosted by the Schaffhausen Institute of Technology (SIT) called Insight in Technology Conference 2020. Here I attended a fascinating lecture on ‘The Power of Quantum’. The topic is pretty abstract for me so far, but we’re sure to hear a lot about it in the years to come.

2021 will bring real adaptation in several areas of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. To be sure, robotics in automating several processes will do more work than before, but the issue remains. How will people control these technologies?

Abandoned Offices

We loved working from home in 2020, at least speaking for myself. Although I have to admit, I sometimes missed the office coffee maker’s usual sound or the morning conversations with colleagues. Lunch breaks together or drinks after work at a beach bar. However, the freedom of meetings in pajamas compensated. And the days of bad-hair are over. And I guess there wasn’t a year before I didn’t buy new clothes for myself. Well, I didn’t need it last year.

For sure, in 2021, remote working and working from home will become standard.

One of the reasons why companies have adopted home-office is that on the one hand, it makes employees happier and on the other hand they save a lot of money on office space.

Thus, a new corporate culture emerges when employees go to a joint retreat once a month/quarter, where the Office Assistant meditates together with the CEO to achieve the inner peace. There are already companies that specialize in this and organize such and similar multi-day corporate gatherings.

Simultaneously, the lack of trust or its complete loss from the management towards the employees can become a real problem. Thus, we can expect many managers to invest in home-office tracking tools. This will make it easier to make sure the employee is working hard at home. However, this only further destroys trust in many cases, as many may rightly feel that their superiors are spying on them.

Abandoned gyms

In the first half of 2020, downloads of health and fitness apps increased 46% worldwide.

Wearable fitness equipment that was once considered a luxury item did a really good service when the gyms closed.

A start-up company called Mirror, for example, recently acquired for $500 million by a yoga pants manufacturer called Lululemon, came up with a fantastic idea in the field of home workout tech. Mirror users can attend live yoga and fitness classes and see performance indicators on the screen (mirror).

Abandoned Cinemas

In 2021, we can say a nice goodbye to Hollywood, with film production and consumption facing a whole new future. Two of the largest movie studios (WarnerMedia and Disney) recently announced that they will move their premium content to streaming platforms. Cinema attendance has dropped 85% year-over-year, and Regal Cinemas, the second largest theater chain in the United States, has closed all of its locations nationwide.

This means that many of this year’s most popular movies are coming to our homes at the same time as the cinema.

Netflix has already followed this model, but now it seems that Hollywood is also moving, albeit out of necessity.

Smart glasses

Apple is unlikely to launch smart glasses in 2021. On the other hand, Google took a big step in that category last summer by buying the pioneer of projection glasses, North. 

In fact, Facebook has announced that it will launch smart glasses in 2021 – and they will be Ray Bans.

IN SEPTEMBER, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said these glasses will be “the next steps on the road to augmented reality”. They do not present virtual objects that appear to interact with the real world.

“Assisted reality” glasses — which project text, images, and even videos into a person’s field of vision — are now more interesting, ”says Brian Ballard, CEO of Upskill remote-expertise company.

Please send your experience or opinion; how much is your life affected by digital transformation? I look forward…

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